Discover our decorative wall art prints. You already have the first group of prints on our website!

Firstly, we have made a selection among all our wall art prints, in order to open our art shop with two really original designs that deal with different themes:

On the one hand, we have the very known droids, on the other hand, we have a mixture between one of the most famous paintings by one of the greatest surrealism representatives, the great Salvador Dalí, and Alice in Wonderland. An amazing combination.

Surely, if you have coincided with us in some fair, you will remember these beautiful designs 😉

And if you haven’t: It’s time to discover our unique style!

In addition, It is worth noting that our wall art prints are inspired by Pop culture, and each one of them is impregnated with Alvaro’s more personal approach. From a concept, Álvaro manages to provide a special and unique perspective to each design, which really characterizes our art.


Art print 1 – Yin Yang Droid

In a galaxy far, far away, the funniest droids in the universe merge into perfect harmony:

It’s Star Wars Yin Yang!

A beautiful art print that mixes the past and the present of a wonderful saga which has millions of fans all over the world.

We only have 6 units available of this design, therefore we recommend you not to think too much about it. 😛

Beep beep Hurry up! beep beep…

Art print 2 – Matter of Time

To continue, we board our intergalactic ship and head for a very special destination. A tiny door opens to give us access to the fantastic Wonderland, a place where everything is a matter of time… Time that passes in a peculiar way…

Wait a minute!

This temporal surrealism reminds me of Master Dali. Doesn’t it?

Welcome to surrealism with this Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory” perfect parody.

12 unique wall art prints of this successful design are available.

Let surrealist art invade that corner of your home with this beautiful art print. Your guests will be amazed!

To sum up, we remind you that during the first week on the web, the decorative art prints have a special price of only 6 €. Therefore we recommend that you don’t miss out on the weekly offer.

Next week we will add two new models at a reduced price and the art prints published today, Yin Yang Droid and Matter of Time, will return to their usual price.

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Our art section is now open. Come to our shop and enjoy creativity!


Tembo Team.