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In today’s post we wanted to tell you about the Protos y Tipos event, a Spanish board game convention held last week. This event hosts what will become the best board games on the national scene in the near future 😉

The Protos y Tipos meeting is organized by Ludo (Association of Board Game Creators), with the aim of offering authors, publishers, illustrators, graphic designers, producers, translators and other professionals of the sector an open space to test their prototypes and exchange creative experiences.

In Tembo we love this fair, which is held every year, during the month of March, in the city of Zaragoza.

However, the 2021 edition has been held virtually, due to the delicate health situation. But, equally, the experience has been very rewarding.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Ludo Association for the enthusiasm they have put into all the live performances to make the meeting as enriching (or even more) than the on-site event!

Below is a photo of Protos y Tipos 2020. The creators test their prototypes to create the best board games on the market, if you look closely you can see some of the members of the Tembo team on the right side of the image 😉

The best board games take shape in Protos y Tipos!

the best board games

Picture by: @2d6magazine

As we were saying, this year the fair was held virtually, so you know what’s great about this…. All the talks are available to watch at any time!

To watch them, just access Ludo’s YouTube channel and choose the talk that interests you the most: Illustration in board games, board games creation focused on learning, crowdfunding, psycholudic consultancies, board games distribution, how to initiate newbies in board games, the board game market in Spain or in Latin American countries… And many more!

If you are interested in this world, we recommend you to take a look at this event, and we hope you find it as useful as we do 🙂

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