Do you also enjoy those afternoons playing with your family and friends around a table? Those after-dinner conversations accompanied by your passionate conversations? What great time! This is part of our DNA and also carries enormous benefits.

Do you think it is being lost? Today’s society is characterized by the high pace of life and immediacy, which can take your playing time away. However, at Tembo we believe that it is important to remember and maintain what worked well in past generations, so it is essential to find time to play.

“Finding time to play is essential”

There are many benefits offered by games, and board games in particular, in the daily lives of the youngest, and the not so young! Below, we tell you about them.

benefits of tembo board games

Beneficios de los juegos de mesa

1 – Encourage creativity

One of the great benefits of board games is the one that involves the creative capacity. The game gives you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild, as well as the freedom to explore and come up with solutions. The specialized website The Genius of Play (part of the American Toy Association) publishes the results of a survey of more than 1,500 CEOs: they believe that “successfully navigating an increasingly complex world will require creativity more than any other skill”.

benefits of board games creativity

2 – Encouraging decision making

Players have the freedom to choose between different possibilities during the game, which not only develops their creativity, but also encourages decision making. gives us confidence and teaches children to assume the risk of failure if they make a bad choice.

3 – They teach frustration tolerance.

These “bad” decisions can result in not winning the game. It is always complicated to win in a game where chance, concentration, strategy, etc. play a very important role, so it is essential to know how to accept defeats. Board games serve, therefore, to know that you don’t always win. It is necessary to channel the anger of having lost, learning from the defeats in order to make a better effort and concentrate more on the next game.

4 – Promote socialization

Disconnecting for a while from the screens is the order of the day in today’s society and what better way to do it than for share quality moments with your loved ones through the game. Board games favor communication with friends, family or even co-workers, learning to cooperate and to trust your partner to achieve victory.

social benefits of board games.

5 – Promueven el trabajo en equipo

Muchos juegos implican ponerse de acuerdo para la toma de decisiones colectivas, por lo que fomentan el trabajo en equipo. Una competencia esencial en la organización de cualquier empresa. Asimismo, disfrutar de los juegos de mesa en el entorno familiar ayuda a conectar con los hijos, a reforzar vínculos y a que los niños aprendan de sus padres mientras disfrutan de su compañía.

6 – Improve cognitive skills

Play is an ideal tool to promote cognitive development. Board games improve skills such as attention, memory, comprehension or information processing. This is why more and more teachers are using board games as a vehicle for learning.

Los 6 beneficios de los juegos de mesa

At Tembo we are really aware of all these benefits, which is why we are increasingly interested in education and the transmission of values through play. Tembo’s games are born with the premise of being entertaining and fun, but at the same time they must promote those transversal competencies that will be necessary in the near future to complement machines and artificial intelligences, creativity, decision making or cognitive flexibility. There are tasks that only human beings are capable of performing and all of them can be developed and enhanced with our games.

“There are tasks that only human beings are capable of performing and all of them can be developed and enhanced through our games”

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Thank you very much for reading us.


Tembo Studio Team.

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