Hi there! Today we tell you the latest news about our board games for the second part of 2022.

Here are a few hints:

– Kaboom Universe, the craziest dinosaur game, is back in a new format!

– In addition, Tembo games are becoming more and more international and accessible thanks to the new translations we are working on.

News from tembo board games:

get ready for what’s coming!

Tembo board games news

After Kaboom Universe sold out at Christmas 2021/2022. In Tembo we have been working to bring as soon as possible the 2nd Edition of our first published board game.

The success of Kaboom Universe is undisputed. Still, we have talked to shops, board gamers and people in the industry to corroborate they were interested in a 2nd Edition of Kaboom Universe. The answer came as no surprise, a unanimous YES!

We got down to work, and Kaboom Universe will be back, if all goes well, in late summer or early autumn.

The big surprise is that we have changed the format, we can’t wait to show it to you. A new box, with new measurements, tweaks to the rules and more surprises that we don’t want to reveal yet.

We’ll have to wait!

Tembo board games news:

5 Minutes More in new languages.

In the meantime, we recommend that you continue to have fun with our other board games, such as 5 Minutes More. And we also have news about this game.

A few weeks ago, 5 Minute More’s Kickstarter campaign ended, with the aim of kick-starting its international expansion and raising funds to translate 5 Minutes More into new languages.

At the moment, we can tell you that we are already working on the translation of 5 Minutes More into German and French. So, in addition to the two languages that the game has in the box (Spanish and English), we are gradually expanding the public that has access to our great novelty of 2022.

board games news 5 more minutes product

Tembo board games news:

Tembo plans second half 2022.

Of course, we are still planning more things: New contents, events…

The main news in this area is that Tembo is returning to Essen Spiel!

You read that right, after the Covid break, Tembo Team is already preparing to attend the biggest board game event in Europe.

See you there? 🙂

These are the latest news from Tembo Studio. I’m sure some of them have caught you by surprise 😛

We continue to work hard on our dream and in the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy our board games.

See you very soon!


Tembo Studio Team.


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