Here you have the Back To The Jungle Solo Mode! It’s time to make the most of your Back To The Jungle experience!

The Solo Mode was a Stretch Goal unlocked during our crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. We have to thank the backers again for their initial support. Without you this project wouldn’t be possible!

All of us love board games, but we are sure you sometimes have troubles to get a group to play with. Today we bring you an alternative for those days when you are willing to play!

Eat as much as you can!

Welcome back to the jungle brave explorer! Return your chameleon to its habitat by getting it to swallow as much food as possible.

This time you must work alone. You have the entire board at your disposal, filled with delicious chips. But be careful…Other chips are not so enjoyable to eat!

We warn you that overcome Back To The Jungle Solo Mode successfully is not easy. We also give you the chance to play in a Basic mode and in an Advanced mode.  

You are alone with a board full of tempting chips and your chameleon is really hungry… You can only move your chameleon, which will walk over the other chips looking for food.

Can you eat all the insects on the board before run out of energy?

We don’t tell you more… Rules are below, they are illustrated with turn examples. Remember that if you have any question you can ask us through the comments, in our forum or our social networks. We will delighted to answer you! 🙂 

Last, we want to inform you that in a few days we will release the Back To The Jungle 2nd Edition Rules. An update with clarifications and small modifications, where we have tried to remove all doubts you shared with us. That’s how we grow up and improve!

From Tembo Games we want to encourage you in these difficult days because of the Coronavirus. Stay safe and stay at home! Enjoy yourself playing board games and disconnect from technology and information for a while! 


Tembo Team.

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