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As we told you in our previous blog post, we are preparing everything for the launch of our next board game, 5 Minutes More.

Sloths will be the protagonists of this board game. Therefore, we wanted to take advantage of these weeks prior to the launch of the crowdfunding campaign, to tell you a little more about these extraordinary animals.

We have summarized several of the curiosities that have caught our attention in 5 things, here they go:


sloths cover


1. Sloths are especially slow.They travel an average of 2 meters per minute.

2. Their fur is covered with algae, which are sometimes used as a food supplement.

curiosities about sloths

Picture credit: Systemicalternatives

3. Although they are very slow on the ground… In water, things change. Sloths are great swimmers!

4. Their digestive system is also incredibly slow. Due to this slow metabolism they urinate and defecate only once a week.

things you didn't know about sloths

Picture credit: Shutterstock

5. The impressive biology of sloths allows them to pass the 90% of their life hanging upside down. The internal organs of sloths are fixed in such a way as to prevent the weight from pressing on the lungs, so that being upside down does not affect their breathing.

That’s how wonderful the protagonists we have chosen for our next board game are. Undoubtedly, a really interesting animal. Tell us in the comments which curiosity surprised you the most! 

In 5 Minutes More, the sloths will travel through the world of dreams by spinning a circle card like this one:

circle card 5 minutes more

We will show you how to use it soon, meanwhile… Here we tell you all about the international launch.

We will keep you informed when we know more details. Follow us on our social networks or subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!

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