Kaboom Universe. Dinosaurs card game

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Kaboom Universe: The most apocalyptic card game!
  • Easy to learn
  • Recommended age: From 6 years
  • Competitive mode: 2-8 players
  • Solo / Co-Op mode:  1-3 players
  • Length: 10- 30 minutes

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 Kaboom has been designed with families, friends groups and advanced players in mind. One deck , a 12 sided dice and a bunch of cardboard tokens will provide you hours of fun.



 Discover a whole universe where the aliens came to Earth to try to save dinosaurs from extinction and re-write history.


 Laughs are guaranteed for all ages and gaming levels! If you love board games and you want to share your hobby with your beloved ones, this is your game!







Competitive Mode

 Avoid the asteroids, go unnoticed and save more dinosaurs than anyone else to win, but be careful, the other players won’t make it easy for you! 


Co-Op Mode

 Work as a team, joining forces with the other players to save a couple of each dinosaur species before the big meteor destroys everything. ¡Kabooooom!



 Because it is a card game with a high interaction between players and with a universe to discover, in which you can add more or less difficulty depending on the level of the player. Excellent to spend a fun time, in a relaxed atmosphere and immersed in a surrealistic universe





 Do you want to make a special gift for Christmas, a birthday or a special day? Kaboom Universe is the right choice: it’s an inexpensive, original game designed to have a good time around a table, creating good memories with your loved ones. A safe bet.

 By buying any Tembo game you are supporting an independent project and helping us to create new table games for you!


Make the most of your Tembo Games experience!



Here you have useful downloadable material to complete your game: Updated rules versions, new game modes, mini-expansions, etc.

Don’t miss the opportunity to exploit your Kaboom!

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2 reviews for Kaboom Universe. Dinosaurs card game

  1. Sara

    We love the art!

  2. Chris

    so much fun in one little box!!

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