The Pop Art culture in Tembo’s paintings.

Today, we want to introduce what Pop Art culture is and its influence on our paintings.

Firstly, Pop Art culture is an artistic trend that shows the reality of our consumer society, where Pop artists take what they see around them and depict it into their art.

Therefore, Pop Art is the result of a lifestyle, the plastic manifestation of a culture characterized by technology, democracy, fashion and consumption. This movement uses all kinds of consumer goods of the time: advertisements, industrial objects, comics, cinema, etc.

If you want to know more about this trend you can go here.

Álvaro’s concept belongs to this movement, being inspired by the fashion of the moment and expressing it on our Pop Art paintings in an unique way.

Likewise our last posts, today we are releasing two new designs of our decorative art prints, ideal for decorating the walls of your home in a really original way.

Your guests will be amazed by your Pop Art culture paintings!

On the one hand, we get into Halloween Town  and, on the other hand, we parody one of the series that is marking an era, Stranger Things, represented from a unique approach.


Art print 5 – Jack Skellington Snow Ball

Jack Skellington is the protagonist of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and this fabulous decorative art print.

A snowy Christmas at Halloween Town!

A fun design for fans of Gothic, Tim Burton or Jack Skellington. This art print belongs, like the Rey one, to Tembo’s “Snow Balls” collection.

We have 5 art prints in stock!

Art print 6 – Schrödinger Things

Schrödinger’s paradox from the point of view of one of today’s most successful series, Stranger Things

Is it dead? Is it alive? Strangest cat ever…

One of our most successful designs. Get this unique decorative art print.

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In addition, we remind you the price of our art prints. During the first week they will remain at only 6 €. Then, after the publication of  two new art prints in the weekly blog, their price will return to normal. Take advantage of the launch!

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Tembo Team.