Hello, how are you!

We’re here to tell you the latest news about Tembo’s 2021 big novelty…

Indeed, we are talking about our new board game 5 Minutes More!

The most cheerful sloths set sail a few days ago to the Tembo base in Cantabria

5 Minutes More, the new Tembo board game, will join the rest of Tembo’s family very soon.

5 minutes more new baord game

As soon as we receive them, we will pack them carefully together with the rest of the amazing crowdfunding rewards and we will send them to the homes and shops in Spain.

You don’t know 5 Minutes More yet? We’ll tell you quickly!

In 5 Minutes More you will be one of the dreamiest sloths in the jungle and your goal will be to have the most restful sleep possible. To do so, you will have to charge yourself with Energy while you travel through the world of dreams.

5 Minutes More is a fast-paced family board game that works for 2 to 6 players. It is the dream game for gatherings of friends and for 1-on-1 games, with a game duration of around 30 minutes.

5 Minutes More is based on the Cyclecard , with a new and simple mechanic, will be enjoyed by all types of players. The Minimum recommended age is 8 years.

5 Minutes More board game box

We are still finalising the international release of 5 Minutes More, as soon as we have news we will let you know (remember you can find all the info here). For now, keep enjoying the rest of our amazing board games.

The Tembo family is waiting for you!

Tembo's new board games

See you soon!


Tembo Studio Team.

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