This spring, 5 More Minutes arrives on Kickstarter, with the goal of translating all content created into different languages and make the board game available to the international community.

Follow the pre-campaign on Kickstarter to be the first to know about the launch.

5 More Minutes Kickstarter Launch

The international release of 5 More Minutes is news we’ve been wanting to tell for a long time….

A year ago 5 More Minutes was just a dream… One year later and with an incredible crowdfunding campaign in Spain, we have managed to make it happen 😍

We managed to raise almost 10,000 € in just 21 days of campaign. All thanks to more than 300 spanish backers and almost 50 stores throughout Spain.

During this year we have continued creating content, visiting stores, attending fairs and, in short, continuing to expand 5 Minutes More through various channels.

And now, the time has come for international expansion. All our followers outside Spain who enjoy our content and our games will finally be able to become sloths and travel through the Dreams World!

Follow our Kickstarter campaign and spread the word!

 We need you to make this party of sloths dream around the globe!

Kickstarter 5 more minutes


Tembo Studio Team.

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