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We recommend playing the first games with children by modifying the turn structure as follows:

Each player in his turn:

  1. Play an action card, or rescue a dinosaur.
  2. Draw a card from the deck

In this way, the youngest members of the household will be able to adapt to the mechanics of the game very easily and will be able to enjoy the essence of Kaboom Universe.


  • How is the first aid kit used correctly?

In basic mode, you can use it as an action on your turn to recover all your wounded dinosaurs.

In advanced mode, moreover, you can use it at any time to heal a single wounded dinosaur and it does not count as an action. Unless you already have to roll the dice.

  • If you get an asteroid when stealing does it count as an action?

If you get asteroid, it doesn’t count as an action. After you play it, you still have the actions you had before you stole it. (If you get two in a row, same thing, after the two asteroids it’s still your turn).

  • Who is affected by the asteroid?

The asteroid affects the player who draws the astroid card and his two neighbours – the player to his left and the player to his right. If you are more than three players, by the moment the rest are safe.

  • Does the reaction card protect a single dinosaur or all your dinosaurs?

Asteroid bounce card protects ALLyour dinosaurs

  • Does the rebound go to the player of your choice?

The rebound asteroid can be directed to the player of your choice and that player will have to throw the asteroid once for each dinosaur.

  • Does bouncing the asteroid to another player affect the two players on either side of it?

Neighbours of the bounced asteroid do not have to play the asteroid.

In short, if there are 3 players or more, 3 asteroid will always be played. Each asteroid will affect all dinosaurs of the player who rolls the die.

It may also be the case that a player has to play two asteroids for each dinosaur if, for example, two players bounce the asteroid off the same player.

  • If I rescue a velociraptor in my first action, do I get two more actions?

Yes, if you are playing with the advanced rules and you rescue a Velociraptor in your first action, you have two more actions – including the possibility to take down another dinosaur.

  • And if I draw a card and rescue a velociraptor on my turn, do I get another action?

If you draw a card (first action) and take down the Velociraptor (second action), you have no further action since the first action of your turn was to draw.

  • How is the T-Rex injured and what is the impact on another dinosaur like? On your turn or at the moment you are wounded?

T-Rex is injured in the same way as other dinosaurs (laser beam, simple asteroid impact, etc).

The T-Rex’s special skill can be used when it is wounded. It can be cured by biting another dinosaur. That is, if you have a wounded T-Rex, on your turn you can spend an action to recover it, causing a single impact (biting) to another dinosaur of your choice.

  • Regarding hidden dinosaurs: Can I have 7 dinosaurs on my platform as long as only 5 are facing upwards?

The maximum number of dinosaurs on your platform is 5, regardless of whether they are hidden or uncovered. If you have 5 dinosaurs on your platform, you can have at most 2 hidden and 3 uncovered.


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