Hi there, how are you! We hope you have had a good start to the year, playing and having as much fun as possible. Today we tell you about Kaboom Universe, our first board game. with it Tembo was born 🙂

It is an addictive card game, perfect for having fun surrounded by your friends and family and immersed in a surreal universe.

But Kaboom Universe is much more than just a card game. Its three game modes – which you will discover right now – Will give you hundreds of hours of fun!


It is main mode of Kaboom Universe. A super dynamic and purely competitive mode between players who, as aliens, must save dinosaurs from extinction.

Play your cards right, save more dinosaurs than anyone else and protect them from other players and asteroids!

With the Divert Asteroid card you can rebound asteroid and send them to other players, but beware… they can be sent back to you!

If you want more difficulty, play its advanced variant. In this variant the dinosaurs have abilities, you can heal your injured dinos at any time and you can even hide your dinosaurs.

2- KABOOM CO-OP MODE 1-3 Players

If you prefer teamwork, this dinosaur board game also includes a Co-op mode.

This time, your mission will be to collect one couple of dinosaurs of each species, keeping an eye on both the asteroids and the type of species, as the more lethal dinos may bite the more harmless ones!

As with the previous mode, in Co-op mode you have an advanced variant, which adds extra difficulty.


Will you survive the most chaotic variant of Kaboom Universe?

In Kaboom Universe: Apocalypse Rawr you have to face a devastating scenario. Asteroids are falling everywhere, but there’s still time to save some dinosaurs. Avoid the asteroids and save as many as you can!

To play this mode you need some extra components, the new 6 asteroid dice we have available on the web.

Check out the content of Kaboom Universe: Apocalypse Rawr! You can get it right now with free shipping 🙂


The first major expansion for Kaboom Universe is coming soon. A pack of cards will complete your game and give it extra fun. Leave your email in the button below so you won’t miss any news and be the first to know about the launch date!

Now, you have no excuse not to make the most of your Kaboom experience.

Exploit its full potential and keep on playing!

And if you don’t have one of the games of the year yet,don’t wait any longer and…

Thank you very much for reading us.

Stay safe. Best,

Tembo Studio Team.

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