What is Inktober?

As we explained in the first entry of the month. Inktober is a challenge that consists of making a drawing every day during the month of October and publishing it on social networks.

In this entry you have the drawings of the Inktober 2020 corresponding to the second week of the challenge. You can also see a video of how each one was made. Don’t miss it!


Inktober drawings 2020 Tembo Studio

Inktober #5: BLADE / CUCHILLA. 

Muy de vez en cuando a un perezoso también le toca un lunes…

Even for sloths is Monday once in a while … 

Inktober #6: ROENT / ROEDOR. 

Este perezoso parece que está en una pesadilla. En nuestro próximo juego, que verá la luz en 2021… ¡Tendrás que evitarlas para convertirte en el As del Descanso!

This sloth seems to be in a nightmare. In our next game, which will see the light in 2021… You will have to avoid nightmares to become the Ace of Rest! 

Inktober #7: FANCY / LUJOSO

Y con este ya van 7. ¡Primera semana de reto completada!

And that makes 7. First week of challenge completed!

Inktober #8. TEETH / DIENTES. 

Gracias por vuestras sugerencias, aquí tenéis el resultado de “perezoso y colmillos de elefante” 😉 

Thanks for your suggestions, here you have the result of “sloth and elephant’s tusks” 😉 

Inktober #9: THROW / LANZAR. 

Este perezoso quiere dormir 5 minutos más…

This sloth wants to sleep 5 more minutes…

Inktober #10. HOPE / ESPERANZA.

La palabra del reto Inktober de hoy es ‘esperanza’ . La mía es soñar que estoy descansando en la luna viendo las estrellas como este perezoso…

Today’s inktober word is ‘hope’. Mine is dreaming that I am resting on the moon surrounded by a sky full of stars like this sloth.


‘Asqueroso’ es la palabra de hoy. ¡Escapa de este pequeño monstruo!

‘Disgusting’ is today’s word – escape this little monster!

These have been our drawings of the Inktober 2020 from the second week of the challenge. Do not miss the complete Inktober of Tembo Studio and follow it daily in our social networks!

Also, we would love you to be part of the Tembo family, so we recommend you to take a look at our store!


Tembo Team.


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