We are still on fire in the Inktober challenge. As we mentioned in previous posts, the Inktober challenge consists of making one ink drawing a day during the month of October, and publishing it on social networks.

The aim of the challenge is to improve the drawing technique. In Tembo we are improving our digital drawing technique and, in addition, this Inktober challenge is helping us to develop the art of our next board game, a card game that will see the light at the beginning of 2021.

It is for this reason, that the Inktober drawings have as main character a lovely sloth. The sloths will be the protagonists of our next board game.


Inktober challenge: ¡Drawings 19-25!

Inktober #19: DIZZY / MAREADO. 

Comenzamos la semana con la palabra ‘mareado’.

We started the week with the prompt ‘dizzy’.

Inktober #20: CORAL. 

En Tembo somos unos apasionado del snorkel, el buceo y todo lo relacionado con el mar así que hemos disfrutado mucho el dibujo del reto inktober de hoy!!

In Tembo we really love snorkelling, scuba diving and everything that is sea related so we really enjoyed the process of this one!!

Inktober #21: SLEEP / DORMIR

¡Una carta similar a esta aparecerá en el juego de mesa final!

A card similar to this one will appear in the final board game!

Inktober #22. CHEF

‘Slow Food’

Inktober #23: RIP. 

.La palabra del reto inktober de hoy es RIP.

Today’s inktober challenge word is RIP

Inktober #24. DIG / EXCAVAR.

Un dibujo rápido para este sábado. ¡Queda una semana para completar el reto Inktober!

A quick drawing for this saturday. One week left to complete the Inktober challenge! 

Inktober #25. BUDDY / COMPAÑERO. 

Acabando la semana con la palabra ‘Compañero’

Ending the week with the word ‘Buddy’

These were the drawings chosen for this week’s Inktober challenge. There is less than a week left to meet the challenge, so don’t miss the last designs…


Finally, we would love for you to be part of the Tembo family:


Tembo Team.

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