Did you know that our decorative art prints are specially designed to fit perfectly into Ikea frames?

Our art prints size is 9x9 ” (23x23 cm), so there are two models of Ikea frames that fit great. On the one hand, we have the RIBBA frame, a wide one, and on the other hand, we have the HOVSTA frame with a lighter frame.

Choose the one that best matches your walls. Our decorative art prints look really nice and elegant on both Ikea frames!

The view of our art prints on these frames is fabulous!




Secondly, as we told you in last week’s blog, today we are going to publish two new exclusive art prints. By the way, if you missed the opening of our art section, you can see it here.

Pop culture is also the protagonist today. As a consequence, two of the best animation studios in the world land in Tembo’s art collection: the Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli and the American studio Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Art print 3 – My colourful Neighbor

The most charming neighbor arrives in Tembo. My neighbor Totoro is considered one of the best animated films of all time. Here you have Totoro under a colourful rain…

Long life Studio Ghibli!

A colorful design full of energy and good vibes. We only have  3 art prints left in stock of this decorative print.

Put some color in your home walls!

Art print 4 – Rey Snow Ball

Rey is the star of the third Star Wars saga. BB8 has become one of the favourite characters for fans. Together they are incredible…

The Force is stronger inside BB8!

Again, we have in Tembo one of the best sagas in history, Star Wars. This design belongs to Tembo’s “Snow Balls” collection, get it before it runs out…

We only have 2 prints available!!

Finally, remember that these prints will have a special price of 6 euros during this week. From next week, with the release of two new prints, their price will return to normal. Take advantage of the launch offer!

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Tembo Team.