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Play our fun and family board games. Family-friendly games made with a lot of care. At Tembo we seek to entertain and also provide skills through our games. Spend a great time with your loved ones and disconnect from the world with our family board games!

Kaboom Universe is a highly interactive dinosaur card game where you, as aliens, must save the dinosaurs from extinction. It is a very dynamic board game and ideal for having fun with your friends and family.

Save more dinosaurs than anyone else, play your cards right and protect them from other players and asteroids!

Back To The Jungle is a board game based on the memory games, with a great twist that will surprise you. It is an immersive, educational game with unique mechanics in which you must help your chameleon adapt to the environment as quickly as possible. Get them to swallow as much food as possible, and don’t let them out of your sight!

If you like to play in the game without distractions , this is the game for you!

5 Minutes More is Tembo’s big new 2021 release. In 5 Minutes More you will be one of the dreamiest sloths in the jungle and your goal is to have the most restful sleep possible. To do so, you will have to charge yourself with Energy while you travel through the world of dreams.

It is a family board game, with quick turns, that works from 2 to 6 players, based on the Ciclocarta, which, with a novel and simple mechanic, will be enjoyed by all types of players.

Dominate the 3 types of Energy to become the next Dream Master!


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