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You already knowthat in the next few weeks we will be launching our next board game, 5 Minutes More.

5 Minutes More will show a group of sloths as main characters These experienced dreamers will travel through the world of dreams, competing to become the next Master!

That’s why today in 5 things you didn’t know 5 minutes ago… We want to talk to you about the fantastic world of dreams!


5 things you didn't know about the dreams

1. You can learn to control your dreams. This is known as lucid dream. Dreams in which people are aware that they are dreaming, and are even able to control and change the logic and development of the dream.

2. We dream for periods of between 5 to 20 minutes each night, so it is estimated that we can spend more than 6 years dreaming during our lifetime.

dreams curiosities

Picture credit: Hipertextual.

3. No inventamos rostros. Por tanto, todos los rostros que ves en los sueños son rostros que has visto en la vida real.

4. The world’s loudest snore reached 93 decibelsand it is registered in the Guinness Book of Records. It is similar to the decibels emitted by a police siren.

5. In the REM Phase the eyes flutter rapidly behind the eyelids, and the legs and arms become temporarily paralyzed.Breathing also becomes more rapid, irregular and shallow.

dreams interesting facts

Picture credit: Mia mare.

Así de curioso es el mundo de los sueños. ¡No hay temática en la que nuestros amiguetes los perezosos sean más expertos!

Tenemos muchas ganas de lanzar 5 Minutes More. Y por ello, queremos dar muchas ventajas a los primeros mecenas de la campaña de Verkami. Entre ellas, participarán en el sorteo de un prototipo de 5 Minutes More como este: 


5 minutes more launch of a board game about dreams

Therefore, it will be important to be attentive at the beginning of the campaign. So, our recommendation is that you sign up here and you will be automatically notified when the campaign is running.

Moreover, it will also help us to see how eager you are to become lazy and start dreaming about our game!

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