One more week we show you the drawings of our Inktober challenge 2020. The process of creation of the designs is made by digital drawing technique, with the purpose of catching fluency with this technique, since the Inktober of this year has as objective to develop the art of our next board game.

What will our next board game be about?

In case you hadn’t noticed, Tembo’s next release will feature an adorable group of Sloths and their adventures in the World of Dreams. It will be launched at the beginning of 2021. Sign up for our newsletter to find out all the news!


Inktober Designs Week 3. Digital Drawing Technique.


Este perezoso no ha tenido un buen día!

This sloth did not have a good day!

Inktober #13: DUNE / DUNA. 

Este dibujo nos transmite mucha paz…

This drawing transmits us a lot of peace… 

Inktober #14: ARMOR / ARMADURA

‘Born to Dream’. ¿Te recuerda al póster de alguna película?

‘Born to Dream’ Does it remind you of a movie poster?


Esta hormiga es un poco temeraria… ¿Qué estará buscando dentro de nuestro amigo?

This ant is a bit reckless… What is he looking for inside our friend?

Inktober #16: ROCKET / COHETE. 

Dimos un giro a la propuesta de uno de nuestros seguidores e hicimos una parodia de ‘El Principito’. ¡Esperamos que os guste!

We based on the proposal of one follower and we made a parody of  ‘The Little Prince’ – Hope you like it!

Inktober #17. STORM / TORMENTA.

El dibujo digital de hoy corresponde con la palabra ‘tormenta’ . ¡Ya nos queda menos para completar el desafío!

Today’s digital drawing corresponds to the word ‘storm’ and we have less left to complete the challenge!

Inktober #18. TRAP / TRAMPA. 

¡Una carta similar a esta aparecerá en el juego de mesa final!

A card similar to this one will appear in the final board game!

So far the designs of the third week of the Inktober challenge, with the digital drawing technique. Do not miss the day to day of our challenge and many more things in our social networks!

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Tembo Team.


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