Hi friend!!

We bring you big news today! 🙃

The adventure of your dreams is about to begin! That is… We are almost ready to launch 5 Minutes More! 🔥🔥

In 5 Minutes More, you will become a sloth. You will travel through the different stages of the sleep cycle, getting energy, dreams cards and competing with other sloths…

Only the one who charges the most energy can become the next Master of Dreams! ✨

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Second, on this occasion we have chosen the Spanish platform, Verkami, to launch the crowdfunding campaign.

This means the campaign will be in Spanish. But, OF COURSE, we don’t forget about you! ✌🏻

We know that many of you follow us from Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, France, etc.  Our new game, 5 Minutes More, is language independent and we will have rules in other languages, so I explain you what we want to do:

When the Verkami campaign ends, we want to launch an express mini-campaign on Kickstarter for you. This mini-campaign will have a reduced funding goal, will last a few days and will start with all the Stretch Goals obtained in Verkami unlocked.

In short, it will be a continuation for the international public 😉 

We will keep you informed when we know more details. Follow us on our social networks or subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!

Thank you very much for reading us!


Tembo Studio Team.

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