Hi Tembo Gamers here you have the first three Tembo online brain games!

Over the last few weeks we have published some mini brain games in our social networks. We hope these, along the Back To The Jungle Solo Mode publication and the Back To The Jungle Rules update, have helped you to be entertained during this quarantine time and we encourage you to share them with friends and family!

Little by little we will publish more online brain games. Don’t forget to follow us on our social networks if you don’t want to miss any news about the Tembo Games family!

Brain Games online: 7 differences.

Get into the jungle and keep your eyes open! Explore the environment of our favorite chameleon… Can you spot the 7 differences between the two images?

Brain Games online: Word Search.

How many words can you spot in this ‘Tembo Games’ word search? Exhaust all the possibilities before looking at the solution!

Brain Games online: Find Kroom.

Looking for Kroom! Where is our alien leader? We’ve lost him among so many dinosaurs that want to be rescued from the asteroid rain, help us to find him!

Here are the solutions… Don’t cheat 😛 Are you sure you’ve solved all three mini-games?

Ok..There they go!


Leave your comments on this post! Tell us which brain game you liked the most and which one you found more difficult. Of course we’re open to suggestions!

In conclusion, We love to entertain you with our games and more in these days of confinement, where any different entertainment is welcome! ☺

Visit our shop before you go, we would love you take part of the Tembo family! *

* Remember we don’t ship until the quarantine time is over. Everybody have to be at home these days!

Continue staying safe and strong. It is one day less to go back to the normal life!


Tembo Team.

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