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Tembo’s brain games are back!!! Those fun mini games with which you can have fun while you train your brain, as we seek to test your visual acuity and the rest of your mental abilities.

If you have not yet done the previous brain games, here they are: Previous brain games.

Did you know that brain teasers have a number of benefits? In addition to entertaining and amusing, they work on memory, increase creative capacity, exercise logic, encourage attention or increase perseverance, among others.

Undoubtedly, these benefits are very similar to those provided by board games. That is why in Tembo Studio we love to relate our board games with this type of mind games, and offer a fun time to our followers ­čÖé

And no more talking! Now it’s time to disconnect for 5 minutes, and show your mental skills.

Tembo Brain Games: The Safe!

Are you able to crack the code that opens Tembo’s safe?

brain games for stimulate brain

SPOILER ALERT! Below is the game solution.

Are you sure you have the right answer?

Tembo Brain Games: The Safe!: Solution

Let’s check it!

brain games solution

Did you manage to crack the code? Tell us in the comments!

Also, you can let us know if you found it easy or difficult in our social networks ­čÖé

See you soon with more mini-games and news.

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We look forward to having you in the Tembo family!

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