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Board game fairs are back and we love it!

After the forced break of face-to-face events due to the Covid and after attending several digital fairs… The Tembo team has once again attended an in-person board game fair – We were really looking forward to being with you again! 

On this occasion, we went to Meeple Factory, the Granada Board Game Festival, held on April 2 and 3, 2022.

Tembo Team returns to the board game fairs! 😍

Meeplefactory 2022 Board Games Fairs

The experience was perfect.

We have met again with many companions of the board game world: friendly publishers, playful divulgators…

In addition, we have met a lot of friends, who until now we knew through the Social Networks – It has been great to “devirtualize” you!

And, of course, we have played many, many games!

Everyone who stayed for a while playing our board games left delighted. Many were able to try out our novelty, 5 Minutes More, and the feedback after taking a little trip through the Dream World was incredible 😁

Meeplefactory 2022 Board Game Fairs

The weekend really flew by!

Meeple Factory is one of those spanish board game fairs you can’t miss. From here we thank the organization for making such a cool event!

So, you know, make a note of it for next year. We will be there 🙂


Thank you very much for reading us.

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See you soon!


Tembo Studio Team.

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