As we announced you in the previous post: Back To The Jungle: Solo Mode, here you have the Back To The Jungle 2nd Edition rules, a rules update with some corrections and clarifications. We also include a paper which summarizes the main corrections we have made. 

At the end of the post, we give you our recommendation for playing Back To The Jungle with children!

First of all,

Thank you for sharing your doubts and for leaving your feedback.

That’s how we improve and grow up!

Keep doing it.

From this feedback, we have synthesized the main doubts and analyzed possible improvements, in order to make easier the familiarization with the Back To The Jungle mechanics.

1. Game content.

2. One snake Jungle chip starts on the board, as usual. However, the other snake Jungle chip is introduced in the bag with the rest of the chips, as the second effect of the Snake Special chip is going to be removed (Section 6).

3. We remove Day Mode and Night Mode. From now on, you have one Game Mode – to avoid confusión – which is equivalent to the Night Mode. (see in the 2nd Edition Rules)

4. The eating phase is not mandatory. If you are not interested in eating you don’t have to!

Frighten action: We have noticed that some of you forget this step, important to provide movement to the chips on the board. We suggest moving only the chips around your chameleon (maximum 3) so there is no confusion with the chip you swallow.

5. Another question you asked us is if the spider counts as an insect when using the butterfly’s event. Indeed, in spite of being an arachnid, the spider counts as an insect.

6. As we mentioned in Section 2, we remove the second Special Snake chip effect. Once the Snake Special chip is taken from the bag, you just have to rotate two boards 90 degrees (you can also rotate one twice). 

As a result, you have the 2nd Edition Rules below, where the mentioned changes have already applied. Now, those of you who had more trouble adapting to the mechanics, will find it easier and more concise🙂 

Recommendation about playing with children.


After hours playing, at fairs and at home, we believe that the best way to play with children is by gradually adding the modules that make up Back To The Jungle.

Depending on the age, it is recommended to start playing only with the main actions:

  1. Phase 1: SEEING/MOVING.
  2. Phase 2: EATING (without incorporating the special chip effects and the frighten action).
  3. Phase 3: Introduce a new chip to the board.

* If they are little children, you can place the chameleons face up in the first games to get the hang of it!

** Do not include the Hidden Goals chips (black ones) or the Special Chips (purple ones).

In this way, children will find easier to familiarize themselves with the main mechanics. As they get used to these mechanics, we will introduce the Hidden Goals chips, the special effects of the chips (stars), the frighten action and, finally, the Special Chips.

We are sure these guidelines will help you. Of course, this is a generalization, the adaptation process will depend on each child!

Write your opinion in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on our social networks if you don’t want to miss any news related to Tembo!

Still playing!


 Back To The Jungle: 2º Edition Rules. March 2020. ONLINE version.


Back To The Jungle: 2º Edition Rules. March 2020. PRINTABLE version.


 Back To The Jungle: Corrections overview. March 2020.



Tembo Team.

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