About us

Tembo Games was created by Álvaro, after the successful crowdfunding of Kaboom Universe. Álvaro (Santander, 1988), after working a couple of years as a Telecommunication Engineer, realized that drawing was his passion, and after another couple of years as an illustrator he discovered another of his passions: creating board games.


Tembo Games

At Tembo Games we create board games that are easy to understand but rich enough to satisfy the most demanding.  Also, as designers and players, we like to take care of every component of the game to make your experience memorable. Let’s play!


Thanks to your support

Kaboom Universe in particular and Tembo Games in general, are a reality thanks to the support of hundreds of backers on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and all of you who help us and buy our creations. Thank you so much for making it possible and for having fun with our games!


We’ve designed Kaboom Universe for families, groups of friends and advanced players to have a great time trying to save the dinosaurs from extinction – protect yourself from the asteroids, don’t draw too much attention to other aliens and you’ll be the winner!

Alvaro G.Echave - Author

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