Hey dreamer!

A little over a month ago the crowdfunding campaign in Spain for our new board game, 5 Minutes More, ended.

It was incredible!

We funded the game with almost 10,000€ in just 21 days of campaign on Verkami. All thanks to the support of more than 300 backers and more than 40 stores.

Now, the dream is becoming a reality at a great pace. We already have in our hands the pre-production copy of 5 Minutes More! Can’t wait to see the result?

Here are the first images of the 5 Minutes More board game. 

5 Minutes More board game box

Preproduction edition of the board game 5 Minutes More. Box and dreams cards. Box and dreams cards.

5 minutes more board game cyclocard

Pre-production edition of the 5 Minutes More game. Cyclocard and energy tokens.

5 Minutes More is a fast-paced family board game that works for 2 to 6 players. It is the dream game for gatherings of friends and for 1-on-1 games, with a game duration of around 30 minutes.

In 5 Minutes More you will be one of the dreamiest sloths in the jungle and your goal will be to have the most restful sleep possible. To do so, you will have to charge yourself with Energy while you travel through the world of dreams.

We are really, really happy with the result. And of course, it is up to the quality of the rest of our games.

You will also be able to enjoy it very soon.

For now, keep enjoying the summer, and don’t hesitate to visit our store if you want to start having fun with the rest of our games.

See you soon!

A sloth hug,

Tembo Studio Team.

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